Wave at the Webcam

2nd St Boardwalk,  Ocean City,  MD 21842

Wave Hi in front of Live Webcam

One of the favorite free things to do in Ocean City, MD is to greet your friends and family back home in front of the live webcam at Ocean Gallery on 2nd St and boardwalk in Ocean City. Here’s how:
1. Call or text your friends or family back home and tell them to view the live webcam.
2. Wave Hi, do a little dance, blow someone kisses, or act silly. Keep in mind, webcam is on 30 second delay, so your greeting to them will be stuck in time momentarily, and remember your friends and family won’t be the only ones that see it! To make the experience even more fun, hold up one of the pre-made sign saying “Wish You Were Here” or “Greetings from Ocean City, Maryland”.